Band of the Week // Squid

Now I don't know why but I'm getting a Maccabees vibe from Squid. Bit of an odd sentence but there you go. Really tight sound that makes use of the more odd percussion items and horns. There definitely should be more horn. Check 'Houseplants' and their latest release below. The mundane subject matter and the... Continue Reading →

Listen, Little Man! // The Futureheads

Ah The Futureheads, there's something very comforting when you can pick up with a band and carry on where you left off with them. I haven't heard any of their stuff since 'Beginning of the Twist' and it seems that they have maintained their tight vocalising style with well formed atmosphere building and slight jibes... Continue Reading →

Trouble Always Finds Me // FUR

This is going to be a very divisive statement and I totally get why you wouldn't agree or think I'm speaking out of turn but I'm going to say it anyway - think the short-lived 'Foxboro Hot Tubs', there is a strong possibility this could have been them, I know that there is a plethora... Continue Reading →

Band of the Week // Kills Birds

So for the first 'Band of the Week' we have the enigmatic Kills Birds - kind of reminds me of Warpaint before they got a bit too poppy... I'm not going to drone on about their roots in LA or that they started out as a 'secret band', just give them a listen and spread... Continue Reading →

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