Nothing Feels Good // The Promise Ring

  • Released: 11th October 1997
  • Producer: James Robbins
  • Band Members: Davey von Bohlen (Vocals, Guitar), Jason Gnewikow (Guitar), Scott Beschta (Bass) & Dan Didier (Drums)

I have always loved The Promise Ring, Davey Von Bohlen has a knack for writing really bizarre yet catchy lyrics, especially in their early days. Nothing Feels Good really paved the way for a lot of bands in the DIY aesthetic and their honest, semi-nonsensical lyrics have inspired many bands that came after.

Strictly speaking, this could be classed as emo. Yes, that word that for so many of us brought so much meaning back in the early 2000’s though this being an early part of the movement is more of an indie album in my eyes.

Red & Blue Jeans, Pink Chimneys and How Nothing Feels are great examples of the power of just a few lines and a lot of catchy riffs that can evoke memories and also just make you want to play guitar. In fact, I started playing drums because of Tell Everyone We Are Dead.

It was hard to just pick one album from these guys as 30° Everywhere was their starting point with tracks like Red Paint, A Picture Postcard and my favourite Heart Of A Broken Story then to the more mainstream Emergency, Emergency and finally Wood/Water with a few EPs inbetween, The Horse Latitudes is worth a listen purely for I Never Trusted The Russians and the great Electric Pink.

Try Davey’s other bans Maritime too, they are a lot more typical indie and it’s so great to hear how he has progressed and grown.


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