Fractal Pterodactyl // GrassRoof

Its great when you come across something thats just purely rock, like when I first heard Wolfmother or Biffy Clyro. GrassRoof have made a slowly creeping rock anthem, it gets under your skin with its creeping murky guitar, reminds me of the album Siamese Dream from Smashing Pumpkins. The Ozzy style vocals are so well... Continue Reading →

Miracle // Loud Forest

Husband and Wife music acts are a real testament to what people can do when they are 100% made for each other. I think that making music is entirely personal and it takes a lot to actually find bandmates that you can write with and it flows. So added to that the extra weight of... Continue Reading →

Reckless // Lisa Kenny

A bit rockier than her usual folk vibe, I'm really taken by how different Lisa Kenny's latest offering is, her vocals are really, really strong. I'd really want to see her perform live just to experience it live. Secondly, and most importantly as this always impresses me, the track was entirely recorded by multi-instrumentalist Lisa.... Continue Reading →

Trim the Roses // Hush Mozey

Hush Mozey, one of the seemingly endless run of amazing Indie to be coming out of Bristol, have got a new single Trim the Roses. It's a chilled number, The View and The Coral come to mind but to be honest, Hush Mozey put out very varied tracks. I'd say a massive stand out for... Continue Reading →

Liar // Lauren Lakis

Dark Atmospheric shoegaze dripping in reverb and emotion. The whole EP Sad Girl Breakfast is spectacular. This track puts me in mind of Take Me Somewhere Nice by Mogwai or In This Light and on This Evening from Editors. Multi-layered electronic haze that really needs to be heard late night at a festival, this track... Continue Reading →

Form a Line // Caro

A chilled story on a sunny day with a cocktail is how I'd describe this latest track from Caro. Muted drums with the almost creeping guitar line makes for a great combo. Beautifully serene Indie Pop that slowly unfolds, it is reminiscent of Bombay Bicycle Club circa I Had The Blues But I Shook Them... Continue Reading →

Tabloid Newspaper // Hotel Lux

Hotel Lux are brilliant, saw them live last year and it was intense. They already have a massive loyal following and I think that you'll be either a massive lover or you just don't get it. They are the spiritual successors to The Rakes and Art Brut in my opinion. Telling stories of nights out... Continue Reading →

Wasted // Apex

I'm getting a Bastille, Wombats or Two Door Cinema Club vibe from Apex, there is a Indie Pop perfection here. There is no holding back when it comes to experimentation, there's a strange little effect in the mid section that adds to the atmosphere - the newest single City Girls alludes to this as well,... Continue Reading →

Lucky After Dark // The Van Allen Belt

Probably one of the more bizarre things I have heard in a while. Like a 60s masterpiece of obscure advertising Americana tuneage. I really can't put my finger on it, its weirdly mesmerising, I really do think that this is something everyone needs to listen to and discover on their own. Thoughts, comments etc etc,... Continue Reading →

Forever Sunday // BEACH SCVM

The sun is shining, the summer is coming (even if you have to stay indoors) so get the mood going. BEACH SCVM are a surf rock dream from Toulouse. Jangle Guitars, Woo's and a whole lot of reverb make Forever Sunday epically summery. Think The Drums, Walkmen, Surfer Blood and Girls though to be honest,... Continue Reading →

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