Interview // Lock-In

Wanna Know is the newest release from Lock-In hailing from London, it’s got a twang of Catfish and the Bottlemen and Pavement, with vocals that are setting into the style of Cloud Nothings. Give it a listen below, it will get trapped in your head in a good way.

So to commemorate the release of their second single of Soundcloud, we did a quick-fire questioning session!

SI // If you could have a band cover your song, who would it be and which track?

LI // We would want to hear our newest tune ‘Wanna Know’ covered by The Strokes. The Strokes brought a new breath of life to indie scene in the early 2000’s, a breath of life we can really get on board with, and their style is something that we can closely correlate with our own. The Strokes’ prominent drum beat and catchy rhythm is something we aim for with all of our tunes, so therefore quite a good match. 

SI // How would you know you’ve ‘made it’?

LI // We know we’ve made it when people, who are at our current level, and even those bigger than us now, are taking inspiration from the songs we release, much like we do with bands out there at the moment. 

SI // Where would you most like to play in the world?

LI // As we are from in-and-around London, selling out a venue so close to home, like the Ally Pally, would be mega. But talking globally, anywhere in the world? We’d love to tour Australia. The indie scene over there is massive, and we think it would be a blast doing a tour there. 

SI // If you could time travel and steal a song to pose as your own, what would it be?

LI // If we could go back in time and nick a song that another band has produced, we’d have to say Waterfall by The Stone Roses. It’s one of our favourite tunes to cover and to play as a band. It’s technically brilliant, and the melody is so euphonious. Waterfall is one of the best songs that has come from one of the best bands to come from the UK in 90’s. 

SI // Living or dead, who would you like to add to your line-up? 

LI // We are torn between two hands we’d want to get on board. Talking past, and a band no longer with us, we would go for Viola Beach. Viola Beach were set to be absolutely massive, and were taken far too soon in tragic circumstances. They would’ve certainly been at a similar stage to where Blossoms, another band we really like, are now. Their music is funky, and something new that the UK had never been exposed to musically. If we are talking about touring with a current band, who are living, we would HAVE to unanimously say Sticky Fingers. This is simply because their live shows are just something different, and the versatility of their music creating is so great.

As always, check them on social media: facebook // instagram // twitter


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