Interview // Yard Arms

Introducing Noah Villeneuve & Billy Golding also known as Yard Arms, have a new single out today – Mantra.

It’s available to listen to below or on Apple, Spotify and other streaming outlets.

The guys have influences extending from The Cure to American Football, and you can certainly hear flecks of Psychedelic Furs and INXS.

Fresh from playing alongside Arxx, Sorry, Crooked Colours, Band of Skulls, The Blue Aeroplanes and China Bears, I had a chance to question them in a very Sounds Indie way (ie short and sweet)

“Their gift for a fine tune remains undiminished”

BBC Introducing

SI: If you could have a band cover your song, who would it be and which track?
YA: I want to hear S Club 7 cover our new single, Mantra.

SI: How would you know you’ve ‘made it’?
YA: When we have our own range of action figures, lunchboxes and condoms. 

SI: Where would you most like to play in the world?
YA: Pyramid Stage – Glastonbury Festival

SI: If you could time travel and steal a song to pose as your own, what would it be?
YA: There She Goes by The La’s

SI: Living or dead, who would you like to add to your line-up?
YA: Stevie Nicks

Be sure to give the new single ‘Mantra‘ a listen below, drop us a comment to let me know your thoughts and add the guys on their various social accounts


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