Interview // Jeff “Horti” Hortillosa

This isn’t my usual neck of the musical woods but this is genius, Horti gets into your mind and forces you to move to his music.

Jesus Christ starts starts strong, comes into a tight break down and ends in a real badass Americana solo full of slick laid back goodness.

The Horticulture vol. 1 is his latest EP and Jesus Christ is the first single, I am pretty sure that Jeff is going to make waves, he is currently best known for his work with the locally-famous Whiskey Shivers and his involvement in Pitch Perfect 3.

Anyway, onto the classic SoundsIndie questioning…

SI // If you could have a band cover your song, who would it be and which track?
JH // Easy Call, Rush – Mayon Volkano.  Primus would also be my dream. 

SI // How would you know you’ve ‘made it’?
JH // If I could cameo as myself on a syndicated sitcom TV show, then I will have arrived.

SI // Where would you most like to play in the world?
JH // For some reason, Tokyo sounds awesome.

SI // If you could time travel and steal a song to pose as your own, what would it be?
JH // Interesting question!  Of course it would have to be an artist I simultaneously admire and yet dislike enough that I wouldn’t mind stealing from. So…..Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth.

SI // Living or dead, who would you like to add to your line-up?
JH // To be honest, I can’t imagine much more world class musicians than the ones already in my Austin circle, and extended circles.  However, the dude who just dances with Mighty Mighty Bosstones could be a useful asset. Or Rushad Eggleston, on cello, perhaps. 

Genuinely awesome guy that makes genuinely awesome music. So happy our paths crossed. Listen to him. Now.


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  1. I saw him live in Germany in Frankfurt with his band “Whiskey Shivers”…a great musician and also a nice person.


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