I Walk // Myriad

A song for Solent Mind – Mental Health Charity

So in a bit of a change of pace, Myriad have released a track titled I Walk alongside a JustGiving campaign to raise money for Solent Mind – A Mental Health charity here

This is something that I personally believe in, it’s certainly worth listening to the track and heading to their page to give whatever you can. Mental Health doesn’t get the attention or recieve the level of understanding that it deserves and anything to help aid the cause is worth anyones time.

I think everyone has been affected by this, whether they have suffered with stress at work or feel anxiety or depression some or all of the time or know someone that does, we have all felt the pains of mental health issues so please find time to give this track a listen.

“I Walk is about a teacher I had at my primary school. He was an extremely kind, caring and compassionate man.
When I was at the age of about 4 or 5, before I had even picked up a musical instrument, he was the very first person to suggest to my parents that I might have some kind of musical talent. He said that I should listen to every style of music out there, so I did.

He also recommended that I learn a few musical instruments along the way.

One day he wasn’t at school though, and I didn’t really understand why at the time. I’ll always miss the way he would play guitar in assemblies whilst we sang along to songs on the projector. I think this song is a way of making things feel a little better.”

David from Myriad explaining the story behind the song

The track itself is incredibly feelgood and has a deeper meaning reflecting the cause. There is a definite mash of sound here, the main vibe I get is an 80s tinge to the vocals as well as a math-rock-ness to the guitar, think Tall Ships (if you remember them)

Certainly on the poppier end of the scale, there is something for everyone to appreciate with this track, let me know your thoughts and most importantly, donate!


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