Damnation // Year of the Dog

Laid back, sleezy, bluesey, jazz is utterly incredible. I can’t help but get the feeling of being in a black and white movie and feeling effortlessly cool while listening to Year of the Dog, which is a real achievement.

I have previously reviewed Red Rum Club and there are a lot of similarities but also a gulf inbetween. They have taken an idea and all of their influences and really just ran with it. There aren’t many, if any, bands doing this kind of thing as well as Year of the Dog. Which I suppose is how they played ‘Swing Band’ in Netflix’s Sex Education.

The horns, male/female vocals, chilled beat and bass make something really special. Other tracks by the band have a Ska tone to them as well as some more slightly poppier efforts, they just keep reinventing their sound, it’s brilliant! Check out Bow to the Sound and Run these Streets to get more of an idea of what I’m babbling about.


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