Mouth Body // Jet Pack Dog

Now, I know this will be devisive, Jet Pack Dog are really, really different. It’s like going back to my days at college when New Young Pony Club, Klaxons first album and Test Icicles were newly on the scene and it was a scary time for anyone that didn’t know what this day-glo mass was.

Jet Pack Dog fit into that really odd area of music where it doesn’t really have any particular place but the fans will be the extremes of different sections of music. Theres an industrial aspect to the sound, it’s dark, its electro, it has a sort of Gen-X vibe to the vocals, it’s effortlessly cool but I can’t put my finger on why! I think it’s brilliant.

So if you are looking for a yard stick, I’m thinking of Crystal Castles and Robots in Disguise. That would probably be your best guide without actually listening. Though you really should hear this.


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