Be Still, Act Natural AND Warmth // Chief Springs

So, unusually, I am doing a second post on a band. But hey, Chief Springs have got a couple of new awesome tracks!

Ok, so we are doing this in date order so first up is the warm, feel good but also slightly unsettled Be Still, Act Natural. The ideal song for when you are feeling fragile, it’s acoustic basic with its high pitched string section is comforting, into the chorus where we open up into more cymbal and strings. Gentle ups and downs with the vocals that we are all coming to really admire.

Drums come in and we are settled for the rest of the track, literally everything just works.

The newest offering is Warmth. Twinkling guitars with a bit of synth, reminiscent of Editors (when they still wrote good music). The bass section in this track really gives an 80s feel, I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s the momentum of the bass line and the slight distortion on the vocals toward the end. A more euphoric, hypnotising offering, definitely my favourite so far.


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