I Feel No Pain // Rénovations

Hello again, I hope you all are doing well during this prolonged stint of being trapped indoors.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. For your consideration, here are Rénovations all the way from sunny Edinburgh. Although in reality all three are from France, Italy and Romania which seem a lot more exotic – anyway, moving on.

The newest release is I Feel No Pain and it’s quite a massive track. Electronic grunge, like Pale Waves but worth listening to. Aside from that, I’m getting Soundgarden, Head Automatica and a bit of Stone Temple Pilots? It’s all about the huge Bass and pleading vocals, absolutely incredible.

Hitting up the BBC recently, I’m almost certain they will be big news on the festival circuit once it starts up again.

Check it out. Also, try out their first single on Spotify La Radio


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