Shtick! EP // Mighty Magic Animal

Mighty Magic Animal are from Salisbury. Home to a Cathedral and famously stacked stones. I lived there for a while.

This EP is not from that place, this EP is at home in the 1990s in Seattle.

It is a solid mass of noise and energy, opening on ‘Run’ with its stop/start but constantly kicking beat it really does hit you. Theres a lo-fi homemade edge to this that really draws you in, you need to have this played loud in a dark bar where you can just go mental. I think there will likely be pits forming for this.

‘Line’ reminds me of Pavement or Flaming Lips. Filthy bassline with daydreaming vocals, you know something is just under the surface and it’s going to be raucous. Side note, really respect and appreciate whole hearted use of toms.

‘Picture’ is a fuzzy beast. And to finish, ‘Suitable’ has a life lesson for everyone, it is actually darkly amazing. I think this should be everyones anthem for going to a job interview or first date. Need some self assurance, listen to ‘Suitable’.

If you love grunge or lo-fi, you need this in your life.


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