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bad bad liar // Kitty Coen

I think that you have to like a song that is inspired by "the idea of hexxing an ex-boyfriend and causing him to start balding". Kitty has been called a "Disco Cowgirl", I totally get it. The electro draws you in but you stay for the low key country vibe that you have hidden here.... Continue Reading →

Small Talk (Doesn’t Stand a Chance) // The Fiends

In the vein of a fuzzy Maximo Park, The Fiends have released their latest track for Valentine's Day. A track that speaks to us all at one time or another, the conversational lyrics are like talking to your mate. Theres a laid back cynical edge to the track thats off set by the energy of... Continue Reading →

Shtick! EP // Mighty Magic Animal

Mighty Magic Animal are from Salisbury. Home to a Cathedral and famously stacked stones. I lived there for a while. This EP is not from that place, this EP is at home in the 1990s in Seattle. It is a solid mass of noise and energy, opening on 'Run' with its stop/start but constantly kicking... Continue Reading →

Seat for Sadness // Many Voices Speak

I love Sweden, there is something beautifully chilled and mysterious about it, to me at least. That feeling of quiet intricacy and darkness has been captured perfectly by Matilda Mård as Many Voices Speak. Layers and layers of vocals, chilled as f--- drums (which I love) and the organ like keys merged in synth. Nothing... Continue Reading →

They Wanted You // Eunith

Sometimes you just want to close your eyes and drift away somewhere else because everything seems just too much. This is a track that you need in your life. Layers and layers of reverberated depth, electro glitches and synth like guitars make this a beautiful offering that could have been in an 80s cult movie.... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Artois // Green Wire

If you like crunchy, bouncy indie that reminds you of giddy summer evenings then you'll probably absolutely love this little gem. It's like the soundtrack to a drunken Greek holiday, brilliant. So there are a few things here that I'm reminded of but by and large The Official Secrets Act/Citizens!, Gang of Four and Millburn... Continue Reading →

In Waiting // Crossroad Crooks

Something different now! Totally going to have to mention the Soundgarden edge because it's going to hit you pretty hard. This is just like a brick of energy hitting you. I think I must be a huge sucker for the huge vocals and dirty guitars, pulsing drums and the tight as they come bass/drum combo... Continue Reading →

Timing Right // KellyMarie

Musically reminiscent of the wave of 'New Rave' bands (New Young Pony Club, The Sunshine Underground, Hot Chip etc) from a few years ago but carried off with a lot more style, KellyMarie makes effortlessly perfect Indie Disco tunes. The swooping backing keys build an amazingly laid back office party disco tune. Everything is pulled... Continue Reading →

Something Strange // Minerva Daisy

Do you, like me, have a real soft spot for slightly spooky, verging on dark, cabaret type tunes that leave you feeling that there must be something more than just catchy lyrics? This is for you! From a haunting keyboard to a driving bassline and powerful vocals, there really isn't anything to dislike. This is... Continue Reading →

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