Band of the Week // King Nun

I can't believe that I haven't added this band earlier, I have been listening to them for ages. King Nun's album Mass is one of those albums that you think you have always had in your life. It's got a weird familiarity to it, it's not like anything else but you just feel it's been... Continue Reading →

Band of the Week // Delights

It may be intensely lazy of me to say but it's fairly clear that this band has a lot of promise, there is a real 90's Factory Records vibe seeping out here. Like Happy Mondays and Primal Scream but for the Millenials or, more recently Egyptian Hip Hop. There is something in the attitude that... Continue Reading →

Band of the Week // Gallus

For a band that have been around since 2017, there isn't a lot recorded. But the tracks they have recorded make you want MORE. The punk fuelled, energy rock that Gallus put out has made them a bit of a cult in Scotland and from what I have seen/heard, it makes you want to buy... Continue Reading →

Band of the Week // Khruangbin

Khruangbin are incredibly talented, incredibly, effortlessly cool and so laid back it's amazing they make it to gigs. If you need an escape, crank this up and drift off into paradise. Their previous album, Con Todo El Mundo has pretty much been on my playlist since the day it came out and this new album... Continue Reading →

Band of the Week // Gaffa Tape Sandy

After seeing Gaffa Tape Sandy 3 times and being blown away by their sheer energy, personality and stage presence, as well as their seemingly endless one liners and limitless ability to befriend everyone in audience they are this weeks band of the week. Enjoy this indie punk loudness. Also check them out when they are... Continue Reading →

Band of the Week // Red Rum Club

Band of the week this time around is a bit late (in the grand scheme of things) as I first saw them last May and this album is from 2019. Red Rum Club are from Liverpool and sound like a mariachi band/Miles Kane mash up. I one hundred percent advise that everyone needs to see... Continue Reading →

Band of the Week // Caroline Rose

Folk, Pop, Indie, relatable, sarcastic and a multi instrumentalist, needless to say, Caroline Rose is 100% going to be huge. Her debut is pretty much spot on and her latest is a bit more poppy IMHO but you need them in your life. She will be appearing at The Great Escape in Brighton this year... Continue Reading →

Band of the Week // Squid

Now I don't know why but I'm getting a Maccabees vibe from Squid. Bit of an odd sentence but there you go. Really tight sound that makes use of the more odd percussion items and horns. There definitely should be more horn. Check 'Houseplants' and their latest release below. The mundane subject matter and the... Continue Reading →

Band of the Week // Kills Birds

So for the first 'Band of the Week' we have the enigmatic Kills Birds - kind of reminds me of Warpaint before they got a bit too poppy... I'm not going to drone on about their roots in LA or that they started out as a 'secret band', just give them a listen and spread... Continue Reading →

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