Tupelo // Chief Springs

I'm going to be entirely honest here, I absolutely love this song. This feels like it should take pride of place on all the indie playlists, it's absolutely dripping with The National, (early, and therefore good) Elbow and to an extent, Band of Horses. There is a great mix of just enough acoustic and slight... Continue Reading →

The Endless Wave // Gushh

Also, Cheers Old Chappo - Out 20th May Loops, samples and surfing. All good things. So I was pretty happy when I heard Gushh - a new act from one of my favourite musical hotbeds Bristol. There was a big looping scene a couple of years ago, it seems Math-Rock never truly goes away. It's... Continue Reading →

The Moon // Lost Arrows

Simon and Garfunkel and Jefferson Airplane sprung to my mind as soon as i hit play on this track. I may be entirely off the mark but it's just how I heard it. It's got that kind of easy chill vibe that's really calming. It's a song that I think could quite easily go down... Continue Reading →

Interview // Yard Arms

Introducing Noah Villeneuve & Billy Golding also known as Yard Arms, have a new single out today - Mantra. It's available to listen to below or on Apple, Spotify and other streaming outlets. The guys have influences extending from The Cure to American Football, and you can certainly hear flecks of Psychedelic Furs and INXS.... Continue Reading →

Liar // Lauren Lakis

Dark Atmospheric shoegaze dripping in reverb and emotion. The whole EP Sad Girl Breakfast is spectacular. This track puts me in mind of Take Me Somewhere Nice by Mogwai or In This Light and on This Evening from Editors. Multi-layered electronic haze that really needs to be heard late night at a festival, this track... Continue Reading →

Forever Sunday // BEACH SCVM

The sun is shining, the summer is coming (even if you have to stay indoors) so get the mood going. BEACH SCVM are a surf rock dream from Toulouse. Jangle Guitars, Woo's and a whole lot of reverb make Forever Sunday epically summery. Think The Drums, Walkmen, Surfer Blood and Girls though to be honest,... Continue Reading →

Melbourne // Dead Rituals

There is a mix going on here. I get the feeling that there is a degree of The Cure, Death Cab for Cutie, Cloud Nothings and to a lesser degree, a vocal style similar in my opinion to the short-lived Citizens! Melbourne is a distinct mix of The Cure and Bloc Party, it's got a... Continue Reading →

Lady of the Night // Pretty Strange

All the way from Glasgow, Pretty Strange make music that Nick Cave would be proud of. There's a darkness to this single, it's not bleak it's sort of beckoning you to join in and go with the flow. Dance along. Forget about everything else. I'm thinking that there is an eclectic mix of influence here... Continue Reading →

stay // RADICALS

Queens of the Stone Age meets Suede. As bizarre as that sounds, that's what I am getting from RADICALS. The sort of nieve Brett Anderson sounding vocals against the thumping, driving fuzz guitar and bass combo creates a mix that's pretty much ideal. I'd say that they are drifting into the area of Post-Punk when... Continue Reading →

Chicken Head // Deal Casino

Time to listen to a huge dirty bass riff. Now, I don't know if this has anything to do with 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' but I really think that this sums up the feeling of being downtrodden and left alone. Absolutely great powerful slice of Indie Rock that evokes thoughts of (and I... Continue Reading →

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