Seat for Sadness // Many Voices Speak

I love Sweden, there is something beautifully chilled and mysterious about it, to me at least. That feeling of quiet intricacy and darkness has been captured perfectly by Matilda Mård as Many Voices Speak. Layers and layers of vocals, chilled as f--- drums (which I love) and the organ like keys merged in synth. Nothing... Continue Reading →

They Wanted You // Eunith

Sometimes you just want to close your eyes and drift away somewhere else because everything seems just too much. This is a track that you need in your life. Layers and layers of reverberated depth, electro glitches and synth like guitars make this a beautiful offering that could have been in an 80s cult movie.... Continue Reading →

Timing Right // KellyMarie

Musically reminiscent of the wave of 'New Rave' bands (New Young Pony Club, The Sunshine Underground, Hot Chip etc) from a few years ago but carried off with a lot more style, KellyMarie makes effortlessly perfect Indie Disco tunes. The swooping backing keys build an amazingly laid back office party disco tune. Everything is pulled... Continue Reading →

Clouds // Monkey & Goat

Ok, first off, this band has a great name, secondly, I was in a band called 'Tiny Toes' so these lyrics are amazing (as they contain tiny toes) and thirdly, this song is beautiful. There is such an unassuming quality to this that I really can't explain how and why it's great, it just is.... Continue Reading →

Tough Love // Sarah Martinson

From the beautiful but cold city of Edinburgh comes Sarah Martinson. She has just released her album Back To You on all platforms and she creates a massive mix of music. Branching from almost folk to jazz to pop to slightly experimental for example If We Knew, which is actually really quite bizarre in it's... Continue Reading →

Samhraí Imithe // Liamosino

Today being Sunday, the day of rest, I thought it'd be fitting to write up Birmingham's Liamosino. Psych and 60's hippie vibes absolutely drip from this track, I think it'll be a definite hit with the counter-culture crowd. Interesting side note, I read that Liamosino is 'one of the only people to successfully pull off... Continue Reading →

The Moon // Lost Arrows

Simon and Garfunkel and Jefferson Airplane sprung to my mind as soon as i hit play on this track. I may be entirely off the mark but it's just how I heard it. It's got that kind of easy chill vibe that's really calming. It's a song that I think could quite easily go down... Continue Reading →

Long Life // Waiting For Smith

Prepare yourself for a massive influx of chill and happy vibes. Usually this kind of warm folk in the vein of Noah and the Whale and Fleet Foxes doesn't do it for me but the whole 'everything is going to be alright' feeling did it. Interesting fact: Harry Lloyd was formerly a ski instructor in... Continue Reading →

Trim the Roses // Hush Mozey

Hush Mozey, one of the seemingly endless run of amazing Indie to be coming out of Bristol, have got a new single Trim the Roses. It's a chilled number, The View and The Coral come to mind but to be honest, Hush Mozey put out very varied tracks. I'd say a massive stand out for... Continue Reading →

Form a Line // Caro

A chilled story on a sunny day with a cocktail is how I'd describe this latest track from Caro. Muted drums with the almost creeping guitar line makes for a great combo. Beautifully serene Indie Pop that slowly unfolds, it is reminiscent of Bombay Bicycle Club circa I Had The Blues But I Shook Them... Continue Reading →

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