Digital Depression // MY-HI

Have you ever wanted to take a trip back to the 90s? The massive vocal styles of Incubus and Soundgarden, the huge basslines and odd quirky but completely fitting riffs? The massive fills and singalong choruses. MY-HI have smashed it with this single. It's like a perfect storm of elements and that guitar is stuck... Continue Reading →

My Light // Mika Jones

Beautiful dark song by Mika Jones, vocally reminiscent of Pearl Jam and 80s/90s punk, though there is a real surf vibe in the guitars and bongos. Pretty perfect, it's dark enough but not hard to listen to, in fact, it's pretty comforting! As it progresses, it becomes more experimental with various different parts, rock to... Continue Reading →

Chameleon // Seven Spies

Fuzz, big massive fuzz. Awesome walls of sound and layers and layers of guitar, vocals, keys and loops. It's like the first time you heard 'New Born' but with a sinister edge. The most obvious comparison would be Muse, the massive but very loose guitar work is Matt Bellamy all over but there is so... Continue Reading →

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