You Are In Control // Office for Personal Development

Each time I listen to this track it buries itself in my mind. I think the OPD really have a knack for crafting real earworms. This is another synth-tastic rabble rowsing anthem, if you need to feel better about how life is going, smash some OPD on close your eyes and dance like no one... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Artois // Green Wire

If you like crunchy, bouncy indie that reminds you of giddy summer evenings then you'll probably absolutely love this little gem. It's like the soundtrack to a drunken Greek holiday, brilliant. So there are a few things here that I'm reminded of but by and large The Official Secrets Act/Citizens!, Gang of Four and Millburn... Continue Reading →

Timing Right // KellyMarie

Musically reminiscent of the wave of 'New Rave' bands (New Young Pony Club, The Sunshine Underground, Hot Chip etc) from a few years ago but carried off with a lot more style, KellyMarie makes effortlessly perfect Indie Disco tunes. The swooping backing keys build an amazingly laid back office party disco tune. Everything is pulled... Continue Reading →

Fight Like A Girl // Raye Zaragoza

As a massive fan of Camera Obscura, Raye Zaragoza is like coming home. The lazy dreamy quality of horns and steel string with a brilliantly powerful and honest vocal style is a perfect match. Enthralling Indie Folk that has an honesty and innocent happiness that everyone will love. It's over all too soon but I... Continue Reading →

Daily Jobs // Bee Bee Sea

Why have one speed to your music? Where's the fun in sticking to established rules? Listen to this song, it's so carefree. It seems that Bee Bee Sea have been on the fringes of the mainstream for absolutely ages. Maybe that's the plan? There's no reason that I can figure that they aren't loads bigger... Continue Reading →

I Like You // The Fragile States

I'd love to see a full blown resurgence of bands like The Fragile States. The Lo-Fi 90's fuzz that has a stoner rock sort of feel to it is so different now. There is a great carefree feeling behind the lyrics and vocals that is infectious and makes you slip into a dreamy haze. To... Continue Reading →

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