All Talk // Kickn’ Tunes

Prepare yourself for a massive injection of Jamiroquai-esque funk. In the current climate of fear and general uncertainty, Kickn' Tunes have put together an EP that is essentially aimed to make you move and forget about everything that's happening. To be honest, it does work. The whole EP is made of samples (love a sample)... Continue Reading →

Fun // Telquist

Telquist hails from Germany and creates Lo-Fi electro, that could almost be Chillwave, that accomplishes so much but seems so effortless. Slurred, nonchalant singing over massively laid back keys make you drift into a bubble of happiness. This song is like a little voice in your head. I don't quite know why but it seems... Continue Reading →

Get Ready with Me // Lucky Iris

There is a good way and a bad way to create soft atmosphere without making a mainstream pop tune and Lucky Iris pull it off really well. It seems that they have been crafting the perfect summer indie pop beach party EP - Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home. Get Ready With Me... Continue Reading →

Interview // Yard Arms

Introducing Noah Villeneuve & Billy Golding also known as Yard Arms, have a new single out today - Mantra. It's available to listen to below or on Apple, Spotify and other streaming outlets. The guys have influences extending from The Cure to American Football, and you can certainly hear flecks of Psychedelic Furs and INXS.... Continue Reading →

Stranger Danger // Lijo

Simplistic perfection indie pop, everything has a purpose and reason to be there. When you stumble upon something like this it's great. From the quirky beginnings to the strange rave-esque sounding organ mid section, this song makes you forget your cares for 3 minutes. So, it seems like Lijo is the modern iteration of Kate... Continue Reading →

Chloe // Laissez Faire

Bristol seems to be the place to be. I've only been to the Zoo there and it seems that I have missed the most importants aspect - it smashes out class bands like its going out of fashion. So today, we have Laissez Faire who craft Indie Pop/Lo-Fi tunes and have been making waves on... Continue Reading →

At Full Capacity // Some Sprouts

Hailing from Germany, Some Sprouts have released the perfect tropical summer song. The soundtrack to this summer. Channelling Peace, Jamie XX and Trophy Wife vibes, Full Capacity is such an easy going chilled track, it gets in your mind and before you know it you've had it on repeat for the last hour... I really... Continue Reading →

Stay Awake // Pinkm’n

This band is quickly becoming one of my personal favourites, the sounds they make have an evolutionary edge to them like Blossoms, you can see the roots but they have created something more than just replicating. So this track in particular has the definite sound of The Strokes, but the whole EP stretched all across... Continue Reading →

Miracle // Loud Forest

Husband and Wife music acts are a real testament to what people can do when they are 100% made for each other. I think that making music is entirely personal and it takes a lot to actually find bandmates that you can write with and it flows. So added to that the extra weight of... Continue Reading →

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