Shtick! EP // Mighty Magic Animal

Mighty Magic Animal are from Salisbury. Home to a Cathedral and famously stacked stones. I lived there for a while. This EP is not from that place, this EP is at home in the 1990s in Seattle. It is a solid mass of noise and energy, opening on 'Run' with its stop/start but constantly kicking... Continue Reading →

House of Mandatory Happiness // Denni Ian

A little bit country. A little bit Punk a la The Pogues and Boomtown Rats. A little bit strange and poetic - The Decemberists and Modest Mouse. There be art here and it is enthralling. Lo-fi and self recorded to add to the aesthetic, which really benefits. There is a Tom Smith/Paul Banks/Ian Curtis vibe... Continue Reading →

Daily Jobs // Bee Bee Sea

Why have one speed to your music? Where's the fun in sticking to established rules? Listen to this song, it's so carefree. It seems that Bee Bee Sea have been on the fringes of the mainstream for absolutely ages. Maybe that's the plan? There's no reason that I can figure that they aren't loads bigger... Continue Reading →

stay // RADICALS

Queens of the Stone Age meets Suede. As bizarre as that sounds, that's what I am getting from RADICALS. The sort of nieve Brett Anderson sounding vocals against the thumping, driving fuzz guitar and bass combo creates a mix that's pretty much ideal. I'd say that they are drifting into the area of Post-Punk when... Continue Reading →

Band of the Week // Gallus

For a band that have been around since 2017, there isn't a lot recorded. But the tracks they have recorded make you want MORE. The punk fuelled, energy rock that Gallus put out has made them a bit of a cult in Scotland and from what I have seen/heard, it makes you want to buy... Continue Reading →

Band of the Week // Gaffa Tape Sandy

After seeing Gaffa Tape Sandy 3 times and being blown away by their sheer energy, personality and stage presence, as well as their seemingly endless one liners and limitless ability to befriend everyone in audience they are this weeks band of the week. Enjoy this indie punk loudness. Also check them out when they are... Continue Reading →

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