Can’t Help Myself // Solar Parachute

This is exactly what you need if you have been back to work this week. It's exactly what you need if you're still stuck indoors. So when I first heard this track I got a real Blood Red Shoes vibe but as it progresses you get swallowed by the massive bass, the atmospheric chorus, the... Continue Reading →

Bushes // Marty Went Back

Now, if you are in the mood for some really off the wall Tame Impala meets The Cramps meets The Pixies type of lo-fi indie, you have found your band. Probably one of the strangest layered tracks I have heard in a while. The chantlike lyrics enter into a swirling unrelenting chorus and a massive... Continue Reading →

Does It Just Take Time? // Ruxbin

Youth doesn't equal immaturity. I think this is quite a fitting statement for Ruxbin. Written, recorded and produced by himself, this is a lo-fi indie pop tune that has a multitude of layers to it. The whole song has an underlying feeling of sadness though it isn't as sombre as it probably could be. It's... Continue Reading →

I Like You // The Fragile States

I'd love to see a full blown resurgence of bands like The Fragile States. The Lo-Fi 90's fuzz that has a stoner rock sort of feel to it is so different now. There is a great carefree feeling behind the lyrics and vocals that is infectious and makes you slip into a dreamy haze. To... Continue Reading →

Chloe // Laissez Faire

Bristol seems to be the place to be. I've only been to the Zoo there and it seems that I have missed the most importants aspect - it smashes out class bands like its going out of fashion. So today, we have Laissez Faire who craft Indie Pop/Lo-Fi tunes and have been making waves on... Continue Reading →

Stay Awake // Pinkm’n

This band is quickly becoming one of my personal favourites, the sounds they make have an evolutionary edge to them like Blossoms, you can see the roots but they have created something more than just replicating. So this track in particular has the definite sound of The Strokes, but the whole EP stretched all across... Continue Reading →

Heart Beats // Collars

One sings and one plays Guitar and Drums. Pretty concise, pretty spot on, incredibly under-playing how great they are though! I can't quite get my head around how great the drums are considering the kit is a miniature entirely controlled by pedals. Being a drummer this is intensely interesting to me. And then you hear... Continue Reading →

Flare Gun Eyes // Baneful Town

The absolute epitome of sweetness. I think this would be the number one 'first dance' song if it went mainstream. It works as a b-side (or maybe double a-side?) to The Maccabees 'Toothpaste Kisses' absolutely mesmerising. The lo-fi guitar along with the to and fro between male and female vocals make this a brilliant summertime... Continue Reading →

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