Friends // Hannah Strickland

This. Is. Beautiful. It's like the sad but sweet ending to a movie. Reminiscent of Civil Wars and Laura Marling, Hannah Strickland makes incredible memorable, bittersweet indie folk that makes you wonder why she hasn't made more. Simplistic in it's delivery, just a lone guitar which doesn't pull focus from Hannahs vocals, this is definitely... Continue Reading →

Police at the Door // Danny Ansell & Co

I can't quite place my finger on this one, it's kind of Black Keys meets the 80s British Invasion kind of twang. The rest of the album has more of a 60's feel, it really does have the feeling that he really knows his roots and plays them to create something beautiful. It's folksey acoustic... Continue Reading →

All the Pubs are Closing Down // Queen Beach

Lyrically intense with an awesome driving bassline, guitars that scream Gang Of Four in their simplistic and entirely necessary sparseness. A few years ago there was a band from Stockton-On-Tees called The Chapman Family and they were good but Queen Beach have got their sound nailed. (sorry Chapman Family) Summed up, if you did some... Continue Reading →

Nothing Feels Good // The Promise Ring

Released: 11th October 1997Producer: James RobbinsBand Members: Davey von Bohlen (Vocals, Guitar), Jason Gnewikow (Guitar), Scott Beschta (Bass) & Dan Didier (Drums) I have always loved The Promise Ring, Davey Von Bohlen has a knack for writing really bizarre yet catchy lyrics, especially in their early days. Nothing Feels Good really paved the way for... Continue Reading →

The Queen Is Dead // The Smiths

Released: 16 June 1986Producer: Morrissey and Johnny MarrBand Members: Morrissey (vocals), Johnny Marr (Guitar), Andy Rourke (Bass) & Mike Joyce (Drums) It's a bit divisive, 'The Queen Is Dead', 'Strangeways, Here We Come', 'Meat Is Murder'... in my humble opinion, this is the finest Smiths album. Morrisseys' flamboyant, rose waving, morose style is spot on... Continue Reading →

Band of the Week // Squid

Now I don't know why but I'm getting a Maccabees vibe from Squid. Bit of an odd sentence but there you go. Really tight sound that makes use of the more odd percussion items and horns. There definitely should be more horn. Check 'Houseplants' and their latest release below. The mundane subject matter and the... Continue Reading →

Listen, Little Man! // The Futureheads

Ah The Futureheads, there's something very comforting when you can pick up with a band and carry on where you left off with them. I haven't heard any of their stuff since 'Beginning of the Twist' and it seems that they have maintained their tight vocalising style with well formed atmosphere building and slight jibes... Continue Reading →

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