Quietude // Lime Juice

Ready to let something beautiful into your weekend? Try this out for size. Retro stylings of Lime Juice, the obvious comparison would be Tame Impala but to be honest, I think this draws further afield. There is some real chilled jazz here, especially in the break down section. Those keys are awesome, the drums have... Continue Reading →

Samhraí Imithe // Liamosino

Today being Sunday, the day of rest, I thought it'd be fitting to write up Birmingham's Liamosino. Psych and 60's hippie vibes absolutely drip from this track, I think it'll be a definite hit with the counter-culture crowd. Interesting side note, I read that Liamosino is 'one of the only people to successfully pull off... Continue Reading →

Vacation // The Mowgli’s

It's Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK and I think that if any song was one that could properly convey the message that everything will be alright, then this is it. Also, this song will instantly get stuck on your head, you have been warned. It is incredibly catchy. The Mowgli's have played literally... Continue Reading →

Does It Just Take Time? // Ruxbin

Youth doesn't equal immaturity. I think this is quite a fitting statement for Ruxbin. Written, recorded and produced by himself, this is a lo-fi indie pop tune that has a multitude of layers to it. The whole song has an underlying feeling of sadness though it isn't as sombre as it probably could be. It's... Continue Reading →

Innocents // Safe Lander

Dreamy, disco, funk, pop. Bit of a random set of words but there you have it. There's a 70s funk bassline, 80s muted guitar hook, synth and new wave type whispered vocals. It's a confusingly amazing track. Think Tame Impala, elements of Melody's Echo Chamber, some Pulp and maybe even some Psychedelic Furs and you'll... Continue Reading →

Fractal Pterodactyl // GrassRoof

Its great when you come across something thats just purely rock, like when I first heard Wolfmother or Biffy Clyro. GrassRoof have made a slowly creeping rock anthem, it gets under your skin with its creeping murky guitar, reminds me of the album Siamese Dream from Smashing Pumpkins. The Ozzy style vocals are so well... Continue Reading →

Lucky After Dark // The Van Allen Belt

Probably one of the more bizarre things I have heard in a while. Like a 60s masterpiece of obscure advertising Americana tuneage. I really can't put my finger on it, its weirdly mesmerising, I really do think that this is something everyone needs to listen to and discover on their own. Thoughts, comments etc etc,... Continue Reading →

Who’s My Eugene? // Tropical Fuck Storm

Quirky and close with a great harmonised chorus. It makes you want to look over your shoulder, there's something very unsettling to it. Their new(ish) album 'Braindrops' is streaming now, check it out and engage in some introspection. It reminds me of early Warpaint, Cats Eyes and An Experiment On a Bird In the Air... Continue Reading →

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