Liar // Lauren Lakis

Dark Atmospheric shoegaze dripping in reverb and emotion. The whole EP Sad Girl Breakfast is spectacular. This track puts me in mind of Take Me Somewhere Nice by Mogwai or In This Light and on This Evening from Editors. Multi-layered electronic haze that really needs to be heard late night at a festival, this track... Continue Reading →

Melbourne // Dead Rituals

There is a mix going on here. I get the feeling that there is a degree of The Cure, Death Cab for Cutie, Cloud Nothings and to a lesser degree, a vocal style similar in my opinion to the short-lived Citizens! Melbourne is a distinct mix of The Cure and Bloc Party, it's got a... Continue Reading →

Albatross // Animal Ghosts

I wanted to share the song Repress with you from the new album by Animal Ghosts but unfortunately I can only embed Spotify and Bandcamp links so my second choice (though it was close) is Albatross. Find the new album here, I really recommend you to download it. Anyway, so I have a massive soft... Continue Reading →

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