Clouds // Monkey & Goat

Ok, first off, this band has a great name, secondly, I was in a band called 'Tiny Toes' so these lyrics are amazing (as they contain tiny toes) and thirdly, this song is beautiful. There is such an unassuming quality to this that I really can't explain how and why it's great, it just is.... Continue Reading →

Fight Like A Girl // Raye Zaragoza

As a massive fan of Camera Obscura, Raye Zaragoza is like coming home. The lazy dreamy quality of horns and steel string with a brilliantly powerful and honest vocal style is a perfect match. Enthralling Indie Folk that has an honesty and innocent happiness that everyone will love. It's over all too soon but I... Continue Reading →

Flare Gun Eyes // Baneful Town

The absolute epitome of sweetness. I think this would be the number one 'first dance' song if it went mainstream. It works as a b-side (or maybe double a-side?) to The Maccabees 'Toothpaste Kisses' absolutely mesmerising. The lo-fi guitar along with the to and fro between male and female vocals make this a brilliant summertime... Continue Reading →

Karen // Surfer Blood

First thing is first, WHAT THE HELL? The first Surfer Blood album was 10 YEARS AGO?! I feel so old. Anywho, Karen is their latest release and it is surprisingly chill compared to their first outing (yes, there have been 4 albums and 2 re-releases since but i'm still reeling from this realisation) and their... Continue Reading →

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