21 Cents and a Cigarette // Snacks at Midnight

To anyone thats been in a band that’s gigging and trying to make a name for themselves (I guess that’s quite a lot of us) this song really will speak to you. A tale of ‘driving a car that’s worth less than your guitar’.

Snacks at Midnight are just entirely fun, they just have a carefree, ‘it’ll be ok’ attitude in their music that’s really not common enough. This is how music should be, making music for music’s sake.

Anyway, as soon as the track starts you get a 90’s lo-fi, garage vibe. The layers of guitar with the twinkling lead and reedy bassline. The absolute standout, the one thing that every song needs – a massive bass breakdown. The thing that I absolutely love about this is that bass and drum section – seriously, I can’t talk about this enough. You need to hear it, it’s at 1:54. Do it now. Really.


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